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Internet Denial of Service: Attack and Defense Mechanisms

Editorial: Prentice-Hall   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 400
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Suddenly your Web server becomes unavailable. When you investigate, you realize that a flood of packets is surging into your network. You have just become one of the hundreds of thousands of victims of a denial-of-service attack, a pervasive and growing threat to the Internet. What do you do?

Internet Denial of Service sheds light on a complex and fascinating form of computer attack that impacts the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of millions of computers worldwide. It tells the network administrator, corporate CTO, incident responder, and student how DDoS attacks are prepared and executed, how to think about DDoS, and how to arrange computer and network defenses. It also provides a suite of actions that can be taken before, during, and after an attack.

Inside, you'll find comprehensive information on the following topics

  • How denial-of-service attacks are waged
  • How to improve your network's resilience to denial-of-service attacks
  • What to do when you are involved in a denial-of-service attack
  • The laws that apply to these attacks and their implications
  • How often denial-of-service attacks occur, how strong they are, and the kinds of damage they can cause
  • Real examples of denial-of-service attacks as experienced by the attacker, victim, and unwitting accomplices

The authors' extensive experience in handling denial-of-service attacks and researching defense approaches is laid out clearly in practical, detailed terms.



Self-Service Linux®: Mastering the Art of Problem Determination

Editorial: Prentice-Hall   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 456
Precio: 46,75
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"This welcome addition to the Linux bookshelf provides real insight into the black-art of debugging. All too often debugging books concentrate solely on the tools but this book avoids that pitfall by concentrating on examples. The authors dissect and discuss each example in detail; in so doing they give invaluable insight into the Linux environment."

Richard J Moore, IBM Advanced Linux Response Team-Linux Technology Centre

"A plethora of Linux books exist but this guide offers a definitive overview of practical hints and tips for Linux users. Written by experts in the field, it will be extremely useful for system administrators and Linux enthusiasts."

Markus Rex, VP and General Manager, SUSE LINUX

  • The indispensable troubleshooting resource for every Linux administrator, developer, support professional, and power user!

  • Systematically resolve errors, crashes, hangs, performance slowdowns, unexpected behavior, and unexpected outputs

  • Master essential Linux troubleshooting tools, including strace, gdb, kdb, SysRq, /proc, and more

The indispensable start-to-finish troubleshooting guide for every Linux professional

Now, there's a systematic, practical guide to Linux troubleshooting for every power user, administrator, and developer. In Self-Service Linux®, two of IBM's leading Linux experts introduce a four-step methodology for identifying and resolving every type of Linux-related system or application problem: errors, crashes, hangs, performance slowdowns, unexpected behavior, and unexpected outputs. You'll learn exactly how to use Linux's key troubleshooting tools to solve problems on your own—and how to make effective use of the Linux community's knowledge.

If you use Linux professionally, this book can dramatically increase your efficiency, productivity, and marketability. If you're involved with deploying or managing Linux in the enterprise, it can help you significantly reduce operation costs, enhance availability, and improve ROI.

  • Discover proven best practices for diagnosing problems in Linux environments

  • Leverage troubleshooting skills you've developed with other platforms

  • Learn to identify problems with strace—the most frequently used Linux troubleshooting tool

  • Use /proc to uncover crucial information about hardware, kernels, and processes

  • Recompile open source applications with debug information

  • Debug applications with gdb, including C++ and threaded applications

  • Debug kernel crashes and hangs, one step at a time

  • Understand the Executable and Linking Format (ELF), and use that knowledge for more effective debugging

  • Includes a production-ready data collection script that can save you hours or days in debugging mission-critical Linux systems!

Series Editor Bruce Perens' is an open source evangelist, developer, and consultant whose software is a major component of most commercial embedded Linux offerings. He founded or cofounded Linux Standard Base, Open Source Initiative, and Software in the Public Interest. As Debian GNU/Linux Project Leader, he was instrumental in getting the system on two U.S. space shuttle flights.

© Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.



IBM® WebSphere® Application Server for Distributed Platforms and z/OS®: An Administrator's Guide

Editorial: Prentice-Hall   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 992
Precio: 64,43
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In this book, IBM's own enterprise WebSphere experts offer authoritative, comprehensive guidance for deploying and managing WebSphere on z/OS for mainframes, UNIX®/Linux®-based distributed systems, and Windows® servers. Drawing on their extensive experience supporting enterprise customers and developing new WebSphere technologies, the authors address the entire management lifecycle: planning, installation, configuration, administration, application deployment, tuning, and troubleshooting.

This book thoroughly covers WebSphere Application Server Version 5.0 and 5.1: both IBM Base WebSphere Application Server offerings and the advanced scalability and failover capabilities built into the popular IBM Network Deployment Edition. It has been designed to serve both as a comprehensive learning tool and as a rapid reference for working professionals.

Coverage includes

  • The WebSphere Application Server architecture: a detailed introduction for working administrators

  • Installation and configuration on both distributed and z/OS platforms, from planning through security

  • Assembling, deploying, and securing applications with the Application Assembly Tool and Assembly Toolkit

  • Managing WebSphere Application Server, including clustering and workload management

  • Automating administrative tasks using the powerful WebSphere scripting tools

  • Performance monitoring/tuning using both WebSphere- and system-level tools, including real-world tuning scenarios

  • A start-to-finish methodology for WebSphere troubleshooting

  • Covering z/OS, UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms

  • Learn all you need to know from IBM's own WebSphere development and advanced deployment teams

  • Includes the latest most thorough coverage WebSphere V5.0/5.1

© Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.



Web Design Garage

Editorial: Prentice-Hall   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 552
Precio: 31,15
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Tinker with the tools of Web design—in the Garage!

Learn how to construct cool and interactive Web sites with this hands-on guide to the world of Web design and usability. In this title from Prentice Hall PTR’s Garage Series, author Marc Campbell shows you the “ins and outs” of designing sites with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS as core technologies. Using layout diagrams and graphics to illustrate your journey, Campbell takes you through every step of designing Web sites, from basic layout and usability to uploading your site onto the Web. Want to learn more on a specific topic? Flip to one of the book’s “links” that help you delve deeper into certain areas, allowing you to browse the text quickly and easily!

Specific topics covered include

  • Managing pop-up windows
  • Working with scripts and style sheets
  • Controlling design space with HTML and CSS
  • Making rollover graphics
  • Using text elements properly
  • Creating e-mail links and hyperlinks
  • Embedding media in Web pages
  • Choosing a Web host
  • Testing and uploading Web sites

Whether you’re new to Web design or you “speak” HTML as a second language, Web Design Garage will help you discover the solutions you need to create fun and effective Web sites.



How to Pass ECDL 4 Office 97

Editorial: Prentice-Hall   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 554
Precio: 31,15
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Web Services Platform Architecture: SOAP, WSDL, WS-Policy, WS-Addressing, WS-BPEL, WS-Reliable Messa

Editorial: Prentice-Hall   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 456
Precio: 47,79
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"Other books claim to present the complete Web services platform architecture, but this is the first one I've seen that really does. The authors have been intimately involved in the creation of the architecture. Who better to write this book?"

—Anne Thomas Manes, Vice President and Research Director, Burton Group

"This is a very important book, providing a lot of technical detail and background that very few (if any) other books will be able to provide. The list of authors includes some of the top experts in the various specifications covered, and they have done an excellent job explaining the background motivation for and pertinent details of each specification. The benefit of their perspectives and collective expertise alone make the book worth reading."

—Eric Newcomer, CTO, IONA Technologies

"Most Web services books barely cover the basics, but this book informs practitioners of the "real-world" Web services aspects that they need to know to build real applications. The authors are well-known technical leaders in the Web services community and they helped write the Web services specifications covered in this book. Anyone who wants to do serious Web services development should read this book."

—Steve Vinoski, Chief Engineer, Product Innovation, IONA Technologies

"There aren't many books that are as ambitious as this one is. The most notable distinguishing factor of this book is that the authors have tried to pair down the specifications for the user and rather than focusing on competing specifications, they focus on complementary ones. Nearly every chapter provides a business justification and need for each feature discussed in the Web services stack. I would recommend this book to developers, integrators, and architects."

—Daniel Edgar, Systems Architect, Portland General Electric

"Rarely does a project arrive with such a list of qualified and talented authors. The subject matter is timely and significant to the industry. "

—Eric Newcomer, author of Understanding SOA with Web Services and Understanding Web Services and Chief Technology officer, IONA

The Insider's Guide to Building Breakthrough Services with Today'sNew Web Services Platform

Using today's new Web services platform, you can build services that are secure, reliable, efficient at handling transactions, and well suited to your evolving service-oriented architecture. What's more, you can do all that without compromising the simplicity or interoperability that made Web services so attractive. Now, for the first time, the experts who helped define and architect this platform show you exactly how to make the most of it.

Unlike other books, Web Services Platform Architecture covers the entire platform. The authors illuminate every specification that's ready for practical use, covering messaging, metadata, security, discovery, quality of service, business-process modeling, and more. Drawing on realistic examples and case studies, they present a powerfully coherent view of how all these specifications fit together—and how to combine them to solve real-world problems.

  • Service orientation: Clarifying the business and technical value propositions

  • Web services messaging framework: Using SOAP and WS-Addressing to deliver Web services messages

  • WSDL: Documenting messages and supporting diverse message interactions

  • WS-Policy: Building services that specify their requirements and capabilities, and how to interface with them

  • UDDI: Aggregating metadata and making it easily available

  • WS-MetadataExchange: Bootstrapping efficient, customized communication between Web services

  • WS-Reliable Messaging: Ensuring message delivery across unreliable networks

  • Transactions: Defining reliable interactions with WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction, and WS-BusinessActivity

  • Security: Understanding the roles of WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation, and WS-Federation

  • BPEL: Modeling and executing business processes as service compositions

Web Services Platform Architecture gives you an insider's view of the platform that will change the way you deliver applications. Whether you're an architect, developer, technical manager, or consultant, you'll find it indispensable.

Sanjiva Weerawarana, research staff member for the component systems group at IBM Research, helps define and coordinate IBM's Web services technical strategy and activities. A member of the Apache Software Foundation, he contributed to many specifications including the SOAP 1.1 and WSDL 1.1 specifications and built their first implementations. Francisco Curbera, IBM research staff member and component systems group manager, coauthored BPEL4WS, WS-Addressing, and other specifications. He represents IBM on the BPEL and Web Services Addressing working groups. Frank Leymann directs the Institute of Architecture of Application Systems at the University of Stuttgart. As an IBM distinguished engineer, he helped architect IBM's middleware stack and define IBM's On Demand Computing strategy. IBM Fellow Tony Storey has helped lead the development of many of IBM's middleware, Web services, and grid computing products. IBM Fellow Donald F. Ferguson is chief architect and technical lead for IBM Software Group, and chairs IBM's SWG Architecture Board.

© Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.



ECDL 4 the Complete Coursebook for Office 97

Editorial: Prentice-Hall   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 770
Precio: 37,39
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Enterprise SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture Best Practices

Editorial: Prentice-Hall   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 408
Precio: 54,03
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"By delivering SAP's next-generation applications based on a Services-Oriented Architecture, SAP is at the forefront of making Web services work for the enterprise. The Enterprise Services Architecture enables unprecedented flexibility in business process deployment, allowing companies to execute and innovate end-to-end processes across departments and companies, with minimum disruption to other systems and existing IT investments. This strategy comes to life with SAP NetWeaver, which is the technological foundation of the Enterprise Services Architecture. It provides easy integration of people, information, and systems in heterogeneous IT environments and provides a future proof application platform. Enterprise SOA provides readers with the architectural blueprints and SOA-driven project management strategies that are required to successfully adopt SOA on an enterprise level."

—Dr. Peter Graf, SVP Product Marketing, SAP

The SOA principles outlined in this book enable enterprises to leverage robust and proven middleware platforms, including CORBA, to build flexible and business-oriented service architectures. The authors also clearly describe the right strategies for using Model Driven Architecture (MDA) to manage SOA Service Repositories in a platform-independent way, enabling enterprises to better address the problem of heterogeneity at many levels. The Object Management Group was created just to address this central problem of integration in the face of constantly changing heterogeneity and platform churn, so I strongly recommend this book for the bookshelf of every enterprise architect and developer.

—Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D. chairman and chief executive officer, Object Management Group, Inc.

Enterprise SOA provides strategies that help large enterprises to increase the agility of their IT systems—one of the most pressing issues of contemporary IT. Covering both a business and architectural view, these strategies aim to promote the implementation of an IT infrastructure that can serve as a base for the development of truly flexible business processes. This book covers its subject with great profoundness based on real world evidence. It is in the interest of everybody involved with software architecture—particularly for anybody who intends to establish a Service-Oriented Architecture—to read this book.

—Dr. Helge Heß, director Business Process Management, IDS Scheer AG

"...The SOA principles described in this book are the foundation on which enterprises can build an IT architecture that will satisfy today's most important IT requirements—agility and flexibility—at affordable costs..."

—Martin Frick, Head of IT, Winterthur Group

Providing the roadmap for delivering on the promise of Service-Oriented Architecture

Enterprise SOA presents a complete roadmap for leveraging the principles of Service-Oriented Architectures to reduce cost and risk, improve efficiency and agility, and liberate your organization from the vagaries of changing technology.

  • Benefit from the lessons of four enterprise-level SOA case studies from Credit Suisse, Halifax Bank of Scotland, and other world-class enterprises
  • Make your business technology independent and manage infrastructure heterogeneity by focusing on architecture, not specific implementation techniques
  • Recognize the technical and nontechnical success factors for SOA in the enterprise
  • Define and communicate the economic value proposition of an SOA
  • Apply pragmatic design principles to solve the problems of data and process integrity in an SOA environment

Whether you're a manager, architect, analyst, or developer, if you must drive greater value from IT services, Enterprise SOA will show you how—from start to finish.

About the Authors

DIRK KRAFZIG, KARL BANKE, and DIRK SLAMA have many years of experience in enterprise IT, including project management and distributed system design for large-scale projects. This book subsumes the knowledge of Service-Oriented Architectures that they have acquired since 1998, when they made their first steps toward this new architecture paradigm.

About the Web Site

Web site www.enterprise-soa.com, provides a variety of supplemental material, including: articles, examples, and additional case studies.

© Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.



Point y Click Linux!

Editorial: Prentice-Hall   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 288
Precio: 28,03
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"Robin's book will show you the benefits of switching to Linux immediately. Your computer will run faster and more reliably than you ever believed possible. Surfing the net will no longer be an exercise in paranoia. And you'll discover a whole new world of powerful, free software that can run rings around the programs available for Windows."

From the Foreword by Leo Laporte, Host of Call for Help on G4TechTV Canada and The Tech Guy on KFI 640 AM Los Angeles

The perfect gift for that Linux beginner in your life!

Have Linux up and running in 5 minutes or less with the incredible SimplyMEPIS bootable CD-ROM

Easy-to-follow videos on DVD

Linux made easy... incredibly easy!

Tired of Windows viruses, spyware, licensing hassles, and high costs? Try Linux!

Not sure Linux is up to the job? It is. Not sure you can learn Linux? You can. Linux expert and Open Source Developers' Network (OSDN) editor-in-chief, Robin "Roblimo" Miller, will teach you Linux the easy way: using the point-and-click skills you already have!

With the bootable SimplyMEPIS Linux software included on CD, you'll be running Linux in 5 minutes...no formatting, no partitioning, no technical hassles... just insert the CD, reboot your computer, and you're ready to go!!!

You don't need to be a computer expert! With Roblimo's step-by-step instructions and how-to videos, you'll master everything from word processing to the Web and email, instant messaging to CD burning... you name it.

Linux has never been this easy, this productive, or this much fun!

  • Navigate Linux visually, the easy way, with KDE

  • Get on the Web, send email, even build your own Web sites

  • Create Microsoft Office-compatible documents with OpenOffice.org

  • Instant-message and chat with all your friends—no matter what network they're on

  • Import, edit, and manage your digital photos

  • Burn CDs and DVDs

  • Play the world's best open source games

  • Download all the free software you'll ever need

  • Coexist easily with Windows users

  • CD features SimplyMEPIS Linux: start running Linux in 5 minutes, and get all the software you need to be productive!

  • DVD features Roblimo explaining all you need to know in bite-sized video tutorials. All the Linux skills you really need are covered here... just watch, and do!

© Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.



Building Applications with the Linux Standard Base

Editorial: Prentice-Hall   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 272
Precio: 41,55
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An initiative of the Free Standards Group, the Linux Standard Base (LSB) is a set of standards designed to increase compatibility among Linux distributions and enable applications to run on any LSB-compliant system. The advent of LSB 2.0 is revolutionary in that it allows ISVs to create “shrink-wrapped software” for the Linux platform much in the same way they already do for Windows.

Written by the team that created the LSB, Building Applications with the Linux Standard Base shows developers how to create, test, and certify software for LSB 2.0 compliance. The book’s hands-on approach lets readers quickly understand how to write Linux applications that are portable across multiple distributions, including those from SuSE, Mandrake, and Solaris. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the full LSB 2.0 specification and the sample program files used in the book.

Coverage includes

  • LSB coding practices
  • Software packing and installation issues
  • UNIX-to-Linux migration tips
  • Testing Linux distribution and applications for LSB compatibility
  • Examples of applications using the LSB
  • Relevant standards for Linux

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