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Tamayo 40 «1981-2021»

Editorial: RM Verlag   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 1052
Formato: 32 x 24 cm.
Precio: 150,00
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Organized in three volumes, Tamayo: 40 is the editorial Project that conmemorates the 40th anniversary of the Tamayo Museum. These publications gather the museum's institutional history since its publication and inauguration to the present.

The first volumen is the catalogue for the exhibiton Beyond the Trees, that comprises four essays on the nuclei of the show, written by the curators themselves; the second, Alligators in the Pond. The Origins of the Tamayo Museum in the voice of its protagonists, collects for the first time the museum’s oral history through interveiws of its main protagonists and it is accompanied by an unpublished selection of archival material; the third, Another long story with many knots, constitutes a history of the exhibitions that were held in the museum’s spaces in the past forty years.

With a careful editing, Tamayo: 40 is an edition that makes the archivel amterial of the Tamayo Museum an work in itself.


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