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Musical Exchanges, 1100-1650: Iberian Connections

Editorial: Reichenberger   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 404
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Music in the Iberian Peninsula has been often treated in isolation from trends beyond the Pyrenees, and seldom has its local repertoire been approached from an inter-regional angle. However it has become increasingly clear that it has both an international and inter-regional scope. This book is an outcome of the research project «Musical exchanges, 1100-1650: The circulation of early music in Europe and overseas in Iberian and Iberian-related sources». It encompasses a historical introduction and fifteen chapters by both more established and junior scholars, focusing on different aspects of exchange, influence, and circulation, thus providing a much-needed counterpoint to current, nation-biased narratives.


– Introduction
1. Manuel Pedro Ferreira: Emulation and Hybridisation in Iberia: A Medieval Background

– Musical exchanges
2. Arturo Tello Ruiz-Pérez: Center and Periphery Again: Could Spain be Considered an Independent Tradition of Liturgical Song?
3. Kathleen E. Nelson: The Notated Exultet in Braga’s Missal de Mateus: Known Tradition or New Composition?
4. Diogo Alte da Veiga: Twelfth and Thirteenth-Century Breviary Fragments in Moissac and the Rite of Braga: Some Preliminary Insights
5. Kate Helsen: The European Affiliations of MS Porto BPM 1151
6. Rui Araújo: Trouvère Elements in the Cantigas de Santa Maria

7. Bernadette Nelson: Urrede’s Legacy and Hymns for Corpus Christi in Portuguese Sources: Aspects of Musical Transmission and Influence
8. Juan Ruiz Jiménez: Himnario de la catedral de Sevilla versus Intonarium Toletanum (Alcalá de Henares, 1515)
9. João Pedro d’Alvarenga: Some Identifying Features of Late-Fifteenth- and Early-Sixteenth-Century Portuguese Polyphony
10. Owen Rees: The Coimbra Manuscripts and the ‘Spanish Court Repertory’: The Motet Peccavi domine
11. Tess Knighton: Gonçalo de Baena’s Arte para tanger (Lisboa, 1540): Local and International Repertories
12. Emilio Ros-Fábregas: Franco-Flemish Polyphony versus Palestrina in Spanish Choirbooks with Renaissance Repertory and the Case of Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, M. 682: Towards a Revised Census-Catalogue
13. Omar Morales Abril: Presencia de música y músicos portugueses en el virreinato de la Nueva España y la provincia de Guatemala, siglos XVI–XVII

– Other sources, other connections
14. David Hiley: Collatum miseris: A Little-Known English Liturgical Office for Saint James. Politics and Plainchant in the Time of Henry II
15. Thomas Forrest Kelly: Beneventan Sources in Iberia
16. Ana Gaunt: The Arouca Polyphonic Codex

Musical Exchanges, 1100-1650: Iberian Connections is the second volume of the series «IBERIAN EARLY MUSIC STUDIES», dedicated to Spanish and Portuguese Music of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period.

General Editor: Màrius Bernadó
ISSN: 2364-6969
Frequency: 1-2 vols. per year



Cantus Coronatus. 7 Cantigas d'El-Rei Dom Dinis / by King Dinis of Portugal

Editorial: Reichenberger   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: xii + 308
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Harmonias do Céu e da Terra

Editorial: SCRIBRE   Año:   
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