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Techniques in Inorganic Chemistry

Editorial: CRC Press   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 219
Formato: Hardback 235 x 156 mm
Precio: 119,95
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A collection of articles from international experts, this volume examines modern methods used for studying the properties and structures of inorganic compounds. The book begins by examining developments in small-molecule x-ray crystallography. This is followed by a description of single crystal neutron diffraction, a chapter on quantum chemistry, and an exploration of two important spectroscopic techniques. It describes intermolecular nuclear Overhauser effect (NOE) NMR experiments and diffusion experiments for elucidating supramolecular structure, offering examples that demonstrate theoretical aspects of the methodology. The final chapter summarizes recent experimental and theoretical work on pressure effects on the d-d and luminescence spectra of transition metal complexes.

Materials Science
Inorganic Chemistry
Chemical Physics


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