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Enterprise Services with the .NET Framework: Developing Distributed Business Solutions with .NET Ent

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"For anyone involved in the .NET community, it's hard to not have heard of Christian Nagel. Christian is a true heavyweight of .NET in general, and Enterprise Services in particular. By taking a relatively trivial application and architecting it in a way that would allow it to scale without any rework, users will find that using the techniques employed in this book will be of benefit to virtually any company that is running distributed or enterprise applications."

—William G. Ryan, Microsoft MVP, Senior Software Developer, TiBA Soutions, LLC

"Whether you are a seasoned architect or a new developer, distributed application development can be difficult, since it covers such a wide range of complex technologies. Until now there was precious little in the way of guidance—let alone a consolidated reference. Christian has provided that reference and more—going from the individual technologies to the big picture on how to architect and develop scalable distributed applications. Technical goodness through and through!"

—Clayton Burt, Managing Partner, Onzo, LLC

"Making the transition to distributed application architecture introduces many issues in security and deployment and requires a new way of thinking about events, transactions, and messaging. This book shows developers and architects alike how to use .NET Enterprise Services to create robust, secure, and maintainable applications in a distributed environment. This book is an excellent guide to the sometimes overwhelming field of .NET Enterprise Services."

—Brian Davis, Director of Software Development, InfoPro Group, Inc., Co-Creator, KnowDotNet.com

Enterprise Services with the .NET Framework is the only book that experienced .NET developers need to learn how to write distributed, service-oriented applications. Filled with clear examples in C# (with Visual Basic .NET examples available on the Web), this book will quickly get you up to speed on building distributed applications with serviced components. You'll also learn about Indigo, Microsoft's next-generation technology for building distributed applications, and how it compares to Enterprise Services.

Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, and veteran author Christian Nagel introduces and clearly explains the four major services included in Enterprise Services: Automatic Transactions, Queued Components, Loosely Coupled Events, and Role-Based Security. From his in-depth coverage, you'll learn

  • How to create a serviced component, how serviced objects are activated, and how to use the different kinds of object contexts

  • How to manage concurrency and synchronization for serviced components to achieve optimal performance and data integrity

  • How to integrate COM components with the .NET Framework

  • How to use serviced components over a network with DCOM, SOAP Services, and ASP.NET Web services

  • How to use .NET Enterprise Services transactions to achieve Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability

  • How to build a compensating resource manager to allow your own resources to participate in Enterprise Services transactions

  • How to maintain application state in a client application, in a serviced component, in shared properties, or in a database

  • How to create and use Loosely Coupled Events using COM+

  • How to secure a distributed solution using authorization, authentication, impersonation, and confidentiality

  • How to deploy and configure Enterprise Services applications

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