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Concise Chemical Thermodynamics, Third Edition

Editorial: CRC Press   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 234
Formato: Paperback 235 x 156 mm
Precio: 49,95
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Following in the tradition of its predecessors, this third edition continues to offer a practical, example-based exploration of a critical topic, maintaining academic rigor but eschewing complicated calculations. It discusses the world’s current energy consumption and the role of renewable energy in the future, examines exothermic reactions, uses Mathcad ® to calculate a plot of Gibbs energy, explains the Lambda sensor, and employs FactSage software to calculate and describe the production of silicon in an arc (oven) furnace. This latest edition re-works problems that have proven to be the most difficult for students and adds several new ones to further amplify complex areas.

Physical Chemistry
Statistical Physics


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