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No singing allowed «Flamenco & Photography»

Editorial: RM Verlag   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 208
Formato: , 31 x 24,7 cm.
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Since those early nineteenth-century travellers were traveling looking for the exotic scents of the south and portraying small Andalusian gypsy communities to sophisticated contemporaryf ashion photographers, the seduction of the world of song, dance and flamenco music arouses great curiosity the camera. In some cases, the relationship has been almost accidental, in others a deep study of its idiosyncrasies.

During the Franco dictatorship, many times one could read in the popular bars indicating "No singing." This edition features 170 photographs from 70 international authors. Includes both the great masters of the genre and those who occasionally have travelled the world capturing eloquent images of flamenco. From Laurent Pierre Bonnard to the history of photography realizes the aesthetic evolution, anthropological, economic and social development of flamenco.


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