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A Tiny Story

Editorial: RM Verlag   Año:    Páginas: 208
Formato: , 16 x 12 cm.
Precio: 19,95
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"A tiny story" offers a unique and captivating perspective by bringing the microscopic world of ants to a human scale. Readers will be entranced by the innovative combination of written language and imagery that vividly narrates these tiny creatures' adventure.

The narrative and photographs are presented separately, inviting multiple interpretations, and encouraging readers to engage with the story, making it a great conversation starter between parents and children.

Fernando Maquieira, the Spanish photographer, is a master at capturing beauty in the everyday. His work evokes a deep emotional connection with his images, taking the viewer on an extraordinary visual journey. His ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary is truly impressive.

Ant Lea ventures out of the anthill for the first time with a group of companions in search of food, but what should have been a simple, routine mission turns into an odyssey. They are taken by surprise by an army of enemy ants, and in the chaos of battle, Lea gets lost in an unknown place. Alone and disoriented, she doesn't know how to return to the anthill. She finds herself wandering in a strange world that she must learn to inhabit and understand. It's time for Lea to grow up.


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