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Young Cuba

Editorial: Turner   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 258
Formato: 24,5 x 30 cm.
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"This project, focused on diversity and dignity of Cuban youth, born out of the travels the photographer has carried out to Cuba for more than twenty-five years.
Through his photographs we can appreciate the the vitality, intelligence and creativity of the Cuban young generations, along with their great aspirations and complex challenges. A optimistic and hopeful approach to the moral values of this youth.
The book offers an extensive tour through the the streets of Havana and Holguín, the sugar cane fields of the Matanzas and Mayabeque; for the Pride march Gay and for the May Day parade; for the for the halls and classrooms of the University of La Havana; by hospitals, churches, health centers, and offices and factories; for example, for the popular neighborhoods, the beach and the homes of a young Cuba."


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