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Creative Leadership Mining the Gold in Your Work Force

Editorial: CRC Press   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 208
Formato: Paperback 229 x 152 mm
Precio: 44,95
Lo lamentamos, pero este libro no está ya disponible.

From the Foreword by Zig Ziglar "Migs Damiani has come up with a winner. Here is a book you can open to almost any page and get useful information. You can spend a few minutes reading a chapter and get some profound thinking and solid advice. Creative Leadership gives specific, clear-cut directions not just for those who are in leadership positions, but those who want to be more, do more, and have more. He ties it all together in an interesting and informative way, and hits major points with bullet-like precision, effectively using "nuggets" of information that you can use in your personal, family, and business life."

Personnel and Human Resource Management
Business & Management


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