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SAS and R 'Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics'

Editorial: Chapman and Hall / CRC   Fecha de publicación:    Páginas: 343
Formato: Hardback 254 x 178 mm
Precio: 69,95
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Eliminating the need to consult laborious documentation, this book presents an easy way to learn how to perform an analytical task in both SAS and R. It covers many common tasks, along with more complex applications. The text provides parallel examples in SAS and R to demonstrate how to use the software and derive identical answers regardless of software choice. It also gives insight into the process of statistical coding from beginning to end by supplying worked examples of complex coding tasks. The authors include an index for each software, allowing users to easily locate procedures. They offer the SAS and R data sets and code for download online.

Statistics & Computing
Statistical Theory & Methods
Statistics for the Biological Sciences


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